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Eval Kit InfoThe DoubleTalk RC8650 and RC8660 are versatile voice and sound synthesizers, integrating a sophisticated text-to-speech processor, audio recording and playback, musical and sinusoidal tone generators, telephone dialer and A/D converter, all in easy to use chipsets.

These chipsets translate plain English text into speech in real time, without the assistance of a PC or high-powered processor. They enable you to add text-to-speech and recording/playback capability to virtually any design, quickly and painlessly, with virtually no system overhead. Their small footprint allows them to be squeezed into the smallest of places, including that new handheld product design you've been working on. All they ask for is 4 mA of operating current @ 3.3V (7 mA @ 5V) to keep them happy, or only 0.7 uA when you're not using them. Think a PC would ask so little?

Fully Integrated Solutions

The RC8650/60 chipsets include everything needed to implement text-to-speech synthesis with full dynamic control of the voice characteristics. In addition, integrated tone generators provide telephone dialing, music, and programmable signaling tones. Up to 7.5 MB of built in, flash-based recording memory can store up to 33 minutes of sound files, which can be played back on demand.

Record voice memos directly to the on-chip recording memory, and play them back or upload them to a PC. You can even use the recording memory for general-purpose storage. An integrated, four channel A/D converter can collect analog data from up to four different sources and send the samples to the host, or you can choose to store the data in recording memory. Standard logic-level serial (UART) and 8 bit bus interfaces are included to allow the chipsets to interface with virtually any microcontroller. Pricing for the RC8650 with 2 minutes of recording memory ranges from $38 to less than $15 in volume.

For a side-by-side comparison of the RC8650 and RC8660 chipsets, click here.

How They Work
RC8650 Block Diagram