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RC8650 Two-Wire Serial Interface

Short on I/O lines? Learn how to interface the RC8650 and RC8660 with just one signal line and ground.

Using Multiple Dictionaries With the RC8650

Learn how two dictionaries can coexist, and how to switch between them. Applies to the RC8650 and RC8660.

Using the RC8660's Recording Memory for General-Purpose Data Storage

The RC8660 contains a substantial amount of flash memory for audio recording. But did you know that you can also use the memory for non-volatile storage in your own applications?

DoubleTalk PC Audio Output Adapter

This article describes an adapter to connect the output of the DoubleTalk PC to the auxiliary input of a computer sound card or other ground-referenced amplifier. Although originally written for the DoubleTalk PC, the method described can also be used with the V8600A and V-Stamp modules.

How to Detect the Presence of a Greeting Message

It is possible to download a greeting message to the RC8650 from the host microcontroller instead of a PC. But how does the host determine if the greeting message is already present in the RC8650, or if it is outdated? This article explains it all. Applies to the RC8650 and RC8660.

How to Detect the Presence of an Exception Dictionary

Does your application depend heavily on an exception dictionary you created? This article explains how you can verify that the dictionary is present from within your application. Applies to the RC8650 and RC8660.

Interfacing the V-Stamp to a Telephone Line

This article describes how to interface the V-Stamp to the telephone network. Although written specifically with the V-Stamp in mind, the method described can be used with virtually any RC8650 or RC8660-based application.