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RCStudio ScreenshotIntegrated RC8660 Development Tools at Your Fingertips.


RCStudio is a Windows-based application designed for use with products incorporating the RC8650 or RC8660 chipsets. The program integrates many easy-to-use tools to fully utilize the chipsets' features. RCStudio is available for download at no charge.

Explore the RC8660's Capabilities

Listen to The Time Machine or Treasure Island through the RC8660's text-to-speech synthesizer, or let the RC8660 read text from your own application. A graphical control panel lets you easily manipulate the synthesizer's speed, pitch, volume, voice, etc. The tone generator panel allows you to create arbitrary-frequency signaling tone pairs, as well as the standard telephone signaling tones. RCStudio enables you to redefine the RC8660's power-up settings, and even have a custom message played automatically whenever power is applied to the chipset.

Create Exception Dictionaries

Although the RC8660's TTS synthesizer already does an excellent job in translating normally-written English text, the need may arise to correct a mispronounced word, or otherwise change the pronunciation of a particular character string. For example, an application might utilize encoded strings, such as "RR-XING" or "UNAUTHRZD ENT BLG 6." RCStudio's exception dictionary editor and compiler enables you to change the way any character string is pronounced, and optionally specify the context that the string must appear in. Other RC8660 functions, such as tone generation and the playback of recorded sounds and messages, can also be triggered from virtually any input text pattern—often negating the need of a text pre-processor in applications that cannot provide standard text strings. Other languages can even be supported using an exception dictionary (Spanish and Portuguese are currently available).

Manage Sound Libraries and Recordings

Create libraries of recorded sounds and messages that can be downloaded and stored in the RC8660 for on-demand playback. Simply drop the sound files you want to include into a sound library window (wav and mp3 file types are supported); RCStudio takes care of compiling and downloading the library to the RC8660. If a microphone is available (included with the RC8660 Evaluation Kit), you can even record directly to the RC8660's recording memory, and optionally upload the recordings to a PC.

Applications of RCStudio

  • Explore the RC8660's features and controls using an intuitive graphical interface
  • Read virtually any text through the TTS synthesizer (typed or from a file)
  • Create and maintain RC8660 exception dictionaries and sound libraries
  • Download and upload sound files to/from the RC8660
  • Record voice messages in the RC8660's recording memory
  • Create musical scores for the RC8660's musical tone generator
  • Monitor analog signal sources and log the results in the RC8660
  • Generate precise, single or dual-frequency tones through the RC8660
  • Change the RC8660's default operating settings and add your own power-up message
  • Download RC8660 data files to multiple target systems

System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE or later operating system
  • COM (RS-232) port, or USB port with compatible USB to RS-232 serial adapter
  • 128MB RAM and 20MB hard disk space
  • RC8660 evaluation board, or V8600A or V-Stamp with V-Pod docking board