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DoubleTalk LT

DoubleTalk LT is the portable member of the DoubleTalk voice synthesizer family. Because it relies only on a simple external connection to your computer, DoubleTalk LT can go wherever you go. It works with virtually any PC or laptop equipped with an RS-232 serial port. Operation is from a 9 volt alkaline battery, or AC wall adapter (included).

Based on the RC8650 chipset, DoubleTalk LT is a totally self-contained voice synthesizer. Speaker, headphone jack, volume control, and serial interface are all built into the unit. No special software or drivers of any kind are required; simply plug the unit into any standard RS-232 serial port and send it the text you would like read, just like it was a printer. With its superior responsiveness and intelligibility, and wide screen reader software support, it's no wonder why DoubleTalk LT has become the synthesizer of choice among thousands of visually-impaired PC users.

This product has been retired and is no longer available.

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