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Who We Are

Intro Animation

When board space is at a premium, the RC8650 and RC8660 chipsets offer highly integrated, low power solutions. The DoubleTalk LT synthesizer is a portable solution for on-the-go applications that require a stand-alone, self-contained voice synthesizer.

World-Class Customer Support


When you design an RC Systems product into your product, we believe in treating you like a partner, not just a customer. Free technical and engineering support are always just a phone call or email away. Implementation and customization services are also available. After all, if you don't succeed, neither will we!

RC Systems has been a market leader of low cost, high quality text-to-speech and voice synthesis products since 1983. You'll find our voice synthesizers in a wide range of products, from talking ATMs to vending machines, and homeland security to space satellite telemetry systems.

Product Families

Our voice synthesizers are available with features and form factors to meet a wide variety of needs. The V8600A and V-Stamp modules are designed for easy integration into an existing product, or in products that offer voice output only as an option.